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winning the lottery

The full wheel provides most combinations with the key wheel giving the second most and the abbreviated wheel the best choice for those on a budget. If you are in a syndicate, (a grouping of players) you are better off deciding on the full wheel strategy.


After strategy and mathematics comes superstition by means of numerology. An increasing amount of people like to use this system to choose their lottery figures. Numerology when the lottery is actually involved entails choosing numbers influenced by an individual’s birth date along with the letters of their first name and surname. The main name has a root number which is used, numbers relating to a birth date and time of birth are chosen and the number of letters in an individual’s full name are also picked. Numerology is thousands of years old with a few lottery winners crediting the machine for their win.

These are just a trio of the many hundreds lottery winning strategies that could be utilized. Find one that functions for you and stay with it. Perhaps one day it will be you who owns that mansion in Beverly Hillsides!
Most people believe which winning the lottery is a good thing that could get lucky and them.   Think about it… getting millions, and losing to put a sole ounce of effort into it.   You could get any thing you wished.   Live anywhere, do anything.   Your intercourse appeal would increase noticeably.   You’d be able to help a lot of people.   You’d be incredibly, wonderfully, ecstatically, happy…  

Relating to a year.   There after, you’d be round about as happy whenever you were before you won.   Maybe it’s comforting in a strange morbid way, but normally, lottery winners aren’t that much happier than the rest of us. Why not? Because with contrast and habituation .  


People naturally compare things.   and we get lots of our satisfaction not from the absolute conditions of some of our situation, but from how it can be relative to something as well.   This could be another patient, our expectations, our previous.   How often maybe you have heard someone talk about the “good old days”?   That’s a good example of contrast – dissatisfaction while using the current situation useful another time.

Maybe they’re idealising days gone by, or maybe they’ve just had such a good time previously that it’s hard for something else to match up.   Imagine how this effect might work but if the past involved winning the lottery – most likely the biggest peak experience our human brain could handle in the modern world.   Imagine if the ‘good old days’ really couldn’t be topped.

In that case, according to the idea of contrast, you might even get normal day-to-day activities being less enjoyable, because you’d have such a high experience to compare them against.   Inside late 70’s, lottery winners and then a control group were asked to rate the enjoyment of pursuits like talking with friends, taking in breakfast, hearing a funny joke, reading a magazine; general everyday stuff.   That control group enjoyed them more. (1)


Detailed information on winning the lottery can be found at main website.

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